Mindfulness & managing anger

With Eluned Gold (PTSTA)

24th May 2009

Anger is one of the so-called 'negative' emotions. We often have the experience of 'holding it off' – pushing away anger or denying it – and then at some point, unable to 'hold off' any longer, we explode and act in ways that can lead to regret or shame.

And the opposite can sometimes be true: we hold on to our anger, secretly enjoying the sense of power it gives us and we 'wind ourselves up' into a self-righteous frenzy, with our thoughts running away with us. ......often with similar results.

In this workshop – using a combination of transactional analysis theory and mindfulness meditations – we will look at the mechanisms of anger, finding ways to understand our own particular relationship with anger.

Through Mindfulness and TA we can become aware of our anger in a deeper sense and develop ways to change our relationship with anger so that we no longer need to be holding on to it or pushing it away. In this way we learn to work skilfully with our anger – developing the potential to harness our power and use it for our own and others benefit.

Through personal work we gain insights into the use of Mindfulness in our professional work.

Eluned Gold (PTSTA) is a qualified Transactional Analyst psychotherapist and an experienced teacher and trainer of mindfulness approaches. She teaches and trains others in Mindfulness approaches for the University of Bangor. She also works as a psychotherapist with children and adolescents who are in care, along with their carers.

£80 - maximum 14, Oxford