Most one-off workshops are with visiting trainers and are held on a Sunday from 10–5. A wide range of themes has been touched on so far and a rich miscellany is planned for the future. Generally, all are open to anyone with a TA101.

We have lots of stimulating workshops coming up — and longer programmes too for those who want to enhance their TA further. Almost all are at our purpose designed workshop space in central Oxford — easy by bus from London (every ten minutes) or the airports, with a car park next door — and lots of lovely restaurants and cafes and gardens nearby!

All workshops with TA Works use emergent design and are structured so that you have opportunities to reflect on your own experiences in order to surface the meanings you have made; and then transactional analysis concepts are taught in relation to your focus so that you can draw your own conclusions in terms of frameworks to think with. This may lead you to take action or make changes depending upon the resources available to you. All our workshops have maximum of 12 people.

TAworks combines with Sylvie Rossi in Rome and Florence each year for an intercultural group of 12 which includes advanced trainees, CTAs preparing for TEW and PTSTAs.

If you would like to check out other workshops we have offered recently, click here to browse through past workshops.