Supervision is essential for practitioners using TA — and there are a number of opportunities in Oxford and through facetime/skype. Please contact Rosemary Napper TSTA O,E,C for more information, and a copy of our practices in supervision. Peer intervision is encouraged and there are ways to consolidate reflection on this and other supervision.

The purpose of our supervision is to provide TA practitioners with a space in which to stand back and gain perspective on their work. We provide three types of supervision,  plus TA exam preparation and training for potential and actual supervisors:

Supervision is available in groups, one to one, or by video skype or telephone - in each of the fields of practice - contact us for details about availability.

SUPERVISION GROUPS in 2018 are ten times in a year and on either a Monday or a Thursday (there will be three groups of 3 hours on each date)
The Mondays are: 12 Feb; 12 March; 16 April; 14 May; 11 June; 16 July; 24 September; 29 October; 26 November; 17 December.
The Thursdays are: 15 Feb; 15 March; 19 April; 17 May; 14th June; 19th July; 27 September; 1 November; 29 November; 20 December.

Individual supervision is possible by arrangement, including using digital media, and other field-focussed small groups can be organised on the Friday mornings of the advanced programs.

And the UK/Italian supervision group will take place in Rome in 2018 on 11/12 May with priority for previous attendees and some places available for newer people - contact Rosemary Napper if interested

One to one supervision is possible in any field face to face in Oxford or by video skype or phone. For counselling and psychotherapy the recommendation is for a minimum of one supervision hour for every 6 client hours; for organisational and educational work the CPD requirement is a minimum of 8 sessions of one and a half hours per year. CTA requires that all group supervision hours can be counted only if there are three or less in the group.

Please contact us via this email link