TA Works offers a rewarding route to CTA for PEOPLE PRACTITIONERS...

Ideal if you work in these settings or other-people orientated contexts:

health services, social & welfare, counselling agencies, complementary therapies, financial advice, pastoral fields, advice & guidance, probation, social justice, stress management, voluntary agencies, informal learning, mediation, residential contexts, youth work

Ideal if you work in these roles or other people-orientated roles:

mentor, support worker, spiritual director, negotiator, counsellor, mediator, facilitator, tutor, advisor, carer, priest, personal consultant, guidance worker, social worker, social or life skills, key worker, personal trainer, coach

...or body-related roles:

doctor, dentist, optician, nurse, reflexologist, osteopath, midwife, chiropractor, hairdresser

Whatever your profession, if it's involved with supporting people to resolve their own issues and to expand their strengths, then this is for YOU!

CTA COUNSELLING acknowledges and honours practitioners who use a TA frame of reference in any such settings and related roles.
This unique curriculum adds TA perspectives on roles, contexts and culture, with a focus on how to strengthen the structural Adult ego state, and use relationship skills which make a difference. This programme is designed in relation to the competences of CTA Counselling.

DO YOU HAVE 120 + hours of TA LEARNING?

TAworks is the only UK learning centre providing a dedicated programme designed around the TA competences in the field of Counselling — which includes coaching, facilitating, informal conversations which move people, group work and therapeutic counselling

People Pracititioner leading to CTA Counselling involves 304 hours of face-to-face learning in Oxford with additional learning involving 120 hour Foundation or equivalent, peer groups, reading and online learning time; also supervision monthly plus self experience work (e.g. own counselling, coaching, personal development with qualified TA practitioners)

Module dates:

We can manage a maximum two people not attending in person and being present online instead (for those living in other countries)

Total fee for guided learning hours £8000 paid in instalments — plus supervision and self experience.

For more information, contact Rosemary.Napper@TAmatters.com and quote this site.