TA Works offers a rewarding route to CTA for PEOPLE PRACTITIONERS...

Are you looking to change career? interested in Mental Fitness?

TAworks is the only TA learning institute in the UK to provide the CTA in Counselling - a world recognised TA qualification in coaching, therapeutic counselling, facilitation of groups, and also in the informal conversations that many professionals dealing with people make using insight and skills to create change. TAworks runs this programme every 3 years - so now is the time to enroll if you have not yet done the TA Foundation. It is a radical way of looking at working with individuals and small groups psychologically, with an emphasis on emergence, systems and experiential learning.

A unique option in the UK of CTA Counselling — which includes coaching, mentoring, facilitating, advising and therapeutic counselling plus the type of counselling skills which are invaluable in any people-oriented professional role from lawyer to hairdresser. This intensive 360 hour 14 module programme will begin in 2022

Whatever your profession, if it's involved with supporting people to resolve their own issues and to expand their strengths, then this is for YOU!

CTA COUNSELLING acknowledges and honours practitioners who use a TA frame of reference in any such settings and related roles.
This unique curriculum adds TA perspectives on roles, contexts and culture, with a focus on how to strengthen the structural Adult ego state, and use relationship skills which make a difference. This programme is designed in relation to the competences of CTA Counselling and BACP therapeutic counsellor.

DO YOU HAVE 120 + hours of TA LEARNING?

The People Practitioner can lead to the CTA in Counselling, and other coaching and counselling accreditation can be accumulated en route.It is also an additional professional qualification for those working in professions where working with people is essential, and also where psycho-education for groups is valuable. It is for people with at least 120 hours of TA learning.

For more information, contact Rosemary.Napper@TAmatters.com and quote this site.