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training overview

How is your learning of transactional analysis adding to your ways of experiencing yourself, others and situations in your private, professional and organisational roles?

There are lots of opportunities here to deepen and broaden your TA learning. To become a TA practitioner takes time. It is not only a cognitive process and a frame of reference. It is also a way of being — a way of being present; a way of well-being; a way of being in relationship. To become a CTA takes a minimum of 4 years of training and supervision on your work: and few realise they want to do this when they dip their toe into the introductory TA101. Hence the design of TAworks offerings — you can do as much or as little as is valuable for you.

Additionally there is:

Both are focussing on how to forge your new professional identities. (PTSTAs are welcome to come for observed teaching hours on our Foundation programmes).

Our learning at TAworks is experiential in design, relational in style, and co-created with the group. And deep and fun!

The advantage of TAworks being in Oxford is that there is a bus to Heathrow every half hour; lots of different sorts of places to stay; history; great restaurants; and the opportunity for walking supervision. Many have got successfully to TSTA and there is a TSTA group for those who have done significant learning here.

I hope you will be able to join us!

our programmes

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These are one-off events, please see our workshops page for details.

Some are in Oxford, and some are in English in other countries. If you would like to check out other workshops we have offered recently, click here to browse through past fliers, and also the powerpoints and articles.