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Questions, questions, questions...

How do you respond to this question: ‘Where are you now?'

The simplest of enquiries can invite the deepest of responses. Someone told me recently about the Delphic Oracle asking 3 seemingly straightforward questions:

Transactional Analysis also poses 3 questions and suggests that we ask ourselves these before we have language:

If you are interested in going deeper personally and professionally into this philosophic edge of psychology then TAworks training in Transactional Analysis may suit you. We have a unique approach within TA - working relationally, co-creatively and emergently by using experiential learning methodology to explore TA frameworks with a systemic stance applied to your self and your profession. Join us!

For 2023:

On 20-23 April in Oxford the 120 hour Foundation in TA begins with 4 days in-presence before going monthly online.

This programme gives a sound knowledge of Transactional Analysis - and focuses on applying it to oneself. It encourages a non-judgmental approach to considering oneself, develops the capacity to listen, and provides the opportunity to experiment safely with being fully present with a lightness of touch.

People who have done lots of self awareness development are often amazed when they do this programme with TAworks at how it uncovers all sorts of aspects of self that they were previously unaware of - and that it is serious fun too. They often report insights that challenge how they have previously seen the world and generates fresh ways of being.

Professionals tell us that this programme is a vital fundamental - it focusses on how they are the core tool in all their work and gives map to think about themselves in communication with others and with systems, which can provoke new ways of being in their roles.

We are born with a total capacity for presence which we gradually learn to lose - here is an opportunity to re discover the joy of being in the world with others.

Curiosity is essential suggested Eric Berne - and the maps of TA are a result of his enquiring mind - now much added to by others. When it comes to questions we always wonder what is the thought behind the question - that is often the most significant factor. Do you have questions for TAworks? What is the thought behind your question?

If you have a query for TAworks then do make contact - comments welcome too. We will be glad to respond through whichever medium you choose.

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