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How are you navigating your way through these troubling times?

The existential issues of being in the world with others are to the fore for most of us on this planet: choice, mortality, change, suffering, peace... and we are all needing to find hope and find our way into being present to uncertainties, and managing ourselves and perhaps others too. So do pass on this email to invite friends, family, colleagues to some supportive development too.

Transactional Analysis – in my experience provides marvellous insights and thus strategies for facing our emerging selves and our changing contexts. The shifts to how we structure our time, and the move to more digital communication means that TA training is now more internationally accessible and here at TAworks we know how to make it participative and engaging. At TAworks it is hard to find any similarities to attending a zoom meeting or a lecture webinar within our online learning programmes.

A 'second string to your bow' is maybe important to consider now as our world and the economies evolve. TA training with TA works can lead on to professional qualification as a coach, as a therapeutic counsellor, as a facilitator, as an organisational consultant, as a trainer…….there are many role options through qualifications in the fields of Education, or Organisations, or Counselling in Transactional Analysis (and a masters is possible too). At the same time our TA training supports you in your 'mental fitness'.

TAworks is a 'boutique' training establishment which has been successful since the mid-1990s. We are deliberately small. We are high quality in terms of learning experience. We are unique in our approach: with a focus on emergence, a systemic perspective, appreciating co-creativity, delighting in intercultural aspects, and using experiential learning. We are the only UK establishment to provide training to the TA qualification in Counselling, as well as Organisations and Education.

And now people can join from all over the world - for the past two days I ran a workshop with people in Brazil, Romania, Ukraine, UK ,India and Singapore. And frequently we have participants from Japan. Accessibility for learning TA in English now means some of our past trainees from Canada, USA, South Africa, India, and Australia have a cheaper and greener opportunity to learn.

Our training calendar is in keeping with the year: we begin every February and run through until December. There is something about starting a new year and making a fresh commitment to one's own development and learning which is a supportive juxtaposition. So consider what it might take for you to come and join us! Here is what TAworks with its delightful team of professional trainers has on offer:

Our programmes

'Keeping your TA alive!' - One-off Workshops

These are more workshops which will keep your TA alive and support everyday communication and self reflection. These workshops are for those who have at least a 100 hours of TA learning. Please see our Workshops Page for more details.