Talking Aloud


talking aloud in a regular and confidential space where talking is allowed can make a difference. Our trained transactional analysts can provide opportunity for:

counselling — to resolve your present issues

We are often able to refer you to specialist counsellors who use TA as their frame of reference for their work — email us to equire.

coaching and mentoring — to realise your potential

Individuals funding their own coaching or mentoring.

psychotherapy — to heal your past


Rosemary Napper has a masters in Adult Learning as well as being a CTA and TSTA Education. Together with Trudi Newton (TSTA E) she wrote the popular book 'Tactics' which shows how TA can inform the adult learning process. She has also worked to innovate a TA based Mentoring programme for the national Youth Agency, as well as designing a large number of professional development programmes using TA principles.

Rosemary Napper offers:


Rosemary Napper offers: