TAworks is unique! We offer:

One to one coaching, counselling and psychotherapy informed by transactional analysis are offered for individuals and groups. PLAINTALKING affordable coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

Training leading to qualifications in TA is provided — TAworks is the UK's longest-standing provider of in-depth Counselling, Educational & Organisational learning — plus a TA coaching & mentoring training programme with optional accreditation with the ILM.

Continuing development opportunities involving TA are available to all with our workshops, for on-going professional and personal development.

Supervision of practical application of TA is available.

Tailor-made introductory TA programmes can be arranged for organisations, along with bespoke TA-based management and leadership development programmes, and organisational consultancy.

Tailor-made awards.

Links with other psychological frameworks are supported, and practitioners of many other approaches work alongside us.