The current disturbances to our individual and collective frames of reference are a significant invite to our need for the Adult ego state, in order to surf the waves of what is happening to us physically, socially, psychologically, existentially, financially, systemically and in so many other ways... surfing requires flexing, finding our inner balance, being OK to fall, to get up again, and to LEARN from each wave.

So TAworks is working emergently

Our workshop is super cleaned - and empty of the intimacy and noise of learning. Our learners are learning online or have stopped for the time being... and our principles of learning from experience, emergence, co-creativity, a relational approach along with a systemic perspective are still permeating all our offerings - and require innovation, flexing and creativity!

So the Foundation in TA is now online in 2 day modules - and in February 2021 we hope to be back in the workshop and will have an alternative plan in case this is not possible.

The Organisational and Educational programme is extended and is now over two and a half shorter days monthly and we will probably provide an online version for two days each month from February 2021 as it gives opportunity to people from around the world to attend - perhaps with a summer school intensive which is attended by most in reality and remotely if not possible.

The People Practitioner is continuing to provide TA primary and complimentary Counselling and we will begin a new programme towards the end of 2021.

In addition, there are a range of two day PTSTA workshops during the rest of this year which will examine training online and supervising remotely.

The Official Intro to TA - the TA101 is for those who want a taste of whether TA is for them. It is an internationally recognised two day workshop giving an overview of core TA principles and ideas. November 19 early evening plus all day 20 and 21st; plus a 5 session early evening programme and also morning programme in January and February - write to Rosemary.Napper@TAmatters.com for a leaflet!

Meanwhile I am continuing also to provide coaching, counselling to individuals and also supervision to small groups and individuals. I and my team of TA trainers are continuing to learn about what is and isn’t possible when working online.

We look forward to learning with you - write to rosemary.napper@TAmatters.com with queries, and check out our websites and social media for our latest podcast.

Rosemary Napper
TSTA Organisations, Education and Counselling

TAworks is unique! We offer:

One to one coaching, counselling and psychotherapy informed by transactional analysis are offered for individuals and groups. PLAINTALKING affordable coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

Training leading to qualifications in TA is provided — TAworks is the UK's longest-standing provider of in-depth Counselling, Educational & Organisational learning — plus a TA coaching & mentoring training programme with optional accreditation with the ILM.

Continuing development opportunities involving TA are available to all with our workshops, for on-going professional and personal development.

Supervision of practical application of TA is available.

Tailor-made introductory TA programmes can be arranged for organisations, along with bespoke TA-based management and leadership development programmes, and organisational consultancy.

Tailor-made awards.

Links with other psychological frameworks are supported, and practitioners of many other approaches work alongside us.