Are you threading your way through uncertainty and unpredictability with creativity?

Within all our TAworks learning programmes we continuously explore how the Adult ego state is our capacity for presence in the present moment — neither fixed with certain plans for the future nor fixing stories from the past. Instead, this state of mind is capable of surfing the waves of the unpredictable, the uncertainty of what shores lie ahead. This is truly 'living in the here and now' and involves our being flexible and creative.

There are some workshops ahead which might suit you, your family or friends. Our one-year programmes begin in January 2022 and are already filling!

Come and hone your muscles for being in the present... and maybe opt to support others in doing so — we have professional development programmes for Coaches, Counsellors, Facilitators, Trainers, Consultants, Leaders, Managers, Mentors, and all those involved in supporting people.

The focus of the FOUNDATION IN TA is about getting to grips with core TA concepts about individuals, groups and communications and is grounded in personal development — after all if you wish to go on to work with others from a TA basis it is essential that you have experienced what difference TA interventions can make for you!

Our 2022 programme begins in January and is on zoom on a Friday afternoon/evening and a Saturday with an in-person intensive in Oxford (if this is Covid practical) in the middle of the programme. The cost for these 120 hours is £2750 fully paid; £3000 paid by installments; £3600 paid by employer; and the dates are Jan 21/22, Feb 11/12, Mar 11/12, Apr 8/9, May 6/7, June 10/11; intensive July 14-17; Finale Sept 16-18.

Our 2023 programme will begin on Feb 24-26, with the following dates: Mar 24/25, Apr 21-23, May 26-27, June 23-25, July 21-22, Sept 22-23, Oct 20-22.

The PEOPLE PRACTITIONER follows on from the Foundation in September 2022 and is a further 320 hours of developing competence in a TA approach to facilitating groups and working one to one with individuals, as a counsellor, or a coach or a mentor — or working more informally in all sorts of people-oriented professions such as traditional and complementary health, social and youth work, pastoral and advisory roles, family educators, and personal development work. This far-reaching programme leads to the CTA in Counselling — which is defined in TA as supporting people in finding their own inner or external resources in order to re-solve and develop what is important to them in their lives. This programme is planned to be online after an in-person intensive start in Oxford (if feasible). Ask now for dates and costs.

The Organisational and Educational programme for those with a 120 hour TA Foundation also begins in January 2022 and is focussed on THE SYSTEM and explores how to think about and work with the cultures of organisations and societies. This programme is almost full for 2022 — and will be repeated in 2025 with 2023 focussing on THE INDIVIDUAL IN THE SYSTEM and interventions such as executive coaching and leadership and in 2024 GROUPS AND TEAMS IN THE SYSTEM. Please get in touch now if any of these programmes are of value to you — again they will mostly be on Friday and Saturdays on zoom, with an intensive in Oxford in person if practical.

In addition, there are a range of two-day PTSTA workshops during the rest of this year which will examine training online and supervising remotely.

And the Official Intro to Transactional AnalysisThe TA101 — is next on 21–22 May 2022 and there is another on 14-15 October. Please do encourage people you know who you think would gain from this — or make contact if you would like to purchase gift vouchers! The fee is £200 for individuals, charities and not-for-profits, £250 statutory sector, £300 business sector and it is possible to pay by PayPal! — write to Rosemary.Napper@TAmatters.com for a leaflet!

To zoom or not to zoom?

TAworks has found many innovative ways of working online that are enlivening.

This is because we keep with small groups, we provide personalised attention, we have ways to suggest people sit in relation to their computers in order to reflect and learn; we also use creative techniques and invite embodied learning through movement! And we use jamboards and WhatsApp to enhance sharing and pairing and connections. Most importantly we recommend you to use ‘hide self view’.

We are pleased to discover that research now backs up our intuitively thought-out methodology — and that so many people who come to our workshops for the first time respond with surprise at how unfatigued they are by the end of the day!

TAworks has always been very international, with individuals from South Africa, Japan, Canada, India and Brazil, not to mention other parts of Europe, regularly flying into Heathrow over several years. This no longer is sustainable and online learning really supports considering our planet — and also provides access for those who may not be able to afford to learn with us let alone travel (when learning TA is a passionate commitment, and earnings in a particular country prohibit engagement then TAworks looks to see how we can best support individuals).

So we think we will be primarily online for the foreseeable future — we will be flexible, and we want to meet in person when we can, and to use our wonderful workshop facility in Oxford. We look forward to learning with you — write to rosemary.napper@TAmatters.com with queries, and check out our websites and social media.

Rosemary Napper
TSTA Organisations, Education and Counselling

TAworks is unique! We offer:

One to one coaching, counselling and psychotherapy informed by transactional analysis are offered for individuals and groups. PLAINTALKING affordable coaching, counselling and psychotherapy.

Training leading to qualifications in TA is provided — TAworks is the UK's longest-standing provider of in-depth Counselling, Educational & Organisational learning — plus a TA coaching & mentoring training programme with optional accreditation with the ILM.

Continuing development opportunities involving TA are available to all with our workshops, for on-going professional and personal development.

Supervision of practical application of TA is available.

Tailor-made introductory TA programmes can be arranged for organisations, along with bespoke TA-based management and leadership development programmes, and organisational consultancy.

Tailor-made awards.

Links with other psychological frameworks are supported, and practitioners of many other approaches work alongside us.