the official introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA101)

“Who am I? Who are you? And what's it all about?”

These are the questions which thread through our life: so thought the Canadian Eric Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis. This 2 day official introduction provides an overview of the 'topographical' maps which chart communication, and the 'geological' maps for a perspective on our our inner world.

It is known as the TA101 in over a hundred countries because, in the USA, this denotes a 'taster' learning programme. Whilst it is an overview, you will find there is plenty to take away to chew over and to share with others, whether in your private world or in the world of work. For many it has been the starting point for a career change.

This social psychology is an inspiring basis for personal and professional development. A 120 hour foundation programme is available to follow attendance at a TA101, starting every February, and leading into further training as a coach, counsellor, consultant, facilitator or leader, with internationally recognised qualifications (Eurapean Association for Transactional Analysis).

Who is the trainer?

Rosemary Napper is certified in counselling, organisational and educational applications in transactional analysis (BACP accredited). She is also a teaching and supervising transactional analyst (TSTA) in these fields of application and involved in TA-based coaching programmes. She is well-qualified as a trainer and the author of several articles and books, co-author of TACTICS — a practical manual on the way TA informs the process of learning.

Dates for 2021

Five-session programmes in January and February:

*** These will be going ahead online because of the coronavirus situation in a slightly longer format.

I have experimented with all our TA training moving into different ways of working and been pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of creative learning through this medium.

I am confident that it will be very different from the sort of working online that you might be involved with!

To work this way you will need:

As well as providing the zoom, and facilitating the learning, I will also be providing learning materials to those enrolled – and limit the group size to 10 at the most, in order for me to be responsive to your questions and queries.

I will also be working with you on ways of minimising tiredness in relation to being online.

In my experience the learning content is fascinating for almost all, and time will rapidly fly by.

The TA101 programme is certificated and this is recognised internationally by all the Transactional Analysis associations.it can stand alone as a brief overview, or it can be the beginning of learning which leads to qualification in Organisations, Education, Psychotherapy or Coaching and Counselling.

I do hope we will be learning together

Written version of the TA 101 — involves purchasing/reading core text, answering written questions for marking, plus tutorial (in person, by e-mail or phone). Contact TAworks

Bespoke TA 101 over 3 days: for specific organisations or groups — can be tailored to a theme (e.g. management, leadership training, parenting, coaching, mental health). Contact TAworks

Fees (incl VAT):

Cheques payable to TAworks Ltd. Bank Transfers are possible, please email for details

To apply for any of the above –