Combines the talents of many qualified transactional analysts with a rich breadth of TA perspectives and applications from across the world, plus the specialist applications of skilled TA learners.

We are passionate about transactional analysis and how we can use its concepts and philosophy to realise our creative potential in the way we live our lives and to enjoy fulfilling relationships. We find TA useful professionally in ways:

We aim to ‘walk our talk’ — to transparently live the values and processes which underpin TA, to continuously be learning throughout all our experiences of others and of the wider world. All who work with TAworks subscribe to the ethical codes of the transactional analysis associations and are committed to their work being supervised.

who we are

The team is led by Rosemary Napper, who is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in the Organisational and Education and Counselling fields, is British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited, and who has qualifications in Myers Briggs and NLP as well as an MA in Education. She has worked in adult learning, and a wide variety of organisations in the private and not-for-profit sectors. In addition to providing TA training and one to one work, she is director of tactical, which provides management development, executive and leadership coaching and organisational consultancy.

Rosemary Napper also writes books on TA — including TACTICS (2000 & 2014) with Trudi Newton. She is passionate about working with other cultures — and so travels to teach TA and invites TA trainers from other countries to contribute their experience to TAworks.

A number of other TA trainers work with us at TAworks: Laurie Hawkes PTSTA(P), Charlotte Sills TSTA(P), Sabine Klineburg TSTA(O), Helena Hargaden TSTA(P), Andy Bates PTSTA(P) and Marie Norton PTSTA(P).

Some of our workshop leaders are in contractual TA training: Suna Guven, Jill Jordan, Cara Mininken; Gordon Cunningham, Cooper Thompson, John Millar, Jim Pie, Alan Edwards and Alan Buckley are qualified in various other modalities.

TAWorks has made a $2000 donation to the Eric Berne Archives — which are hosted by the University of California and well worth exploring if you are fascinated in the social history of TA and happen to be visiting San Francisco. I have a synopsis of some of the recent finds from the archives — email me if you would like a copy.

And please do contact me for further information on any of the above! TAWorks thrives because of the passion and interest and application of participants.