Combines the talents of many qualified transactional analysts with a rich breadth of TA perspectives and applications from across the world, plus the specialist applications of skilled TA learners.

We are passionate about transactional analysis and how we can use its concepts and philosophy to realise our creative potential in the way we live our lives and to enjoy fulfilling relationships. We find TA useful professionally in ways:

We aim to ‘walk our talk’ — to transparently live the values and processes which underpin TA, to continuously be learning throughout all our experiences of others and of the wider world. All who work with TAworks subscribe to the ethical codes of the transactional analysis associations and are committed to their work being supervised.

who we are

Rosemary Napper is a TSTA and CTA in the fields of Organisations, Education and Counselling. I was born a ‘third culture kid’ and this sparked a passion for social anthropology and social psychology, and to developing TA for intercultural understanding. It has also led me to travel the world, and TA has been a wonderful way to make lifelong friends and colleagues on all the continents. Whilst I’ve authored a few books and chapters on TA (including the long-selling TACTICS with Trudi newton TSTA E) my enthusiasm is for adult learning and developing the TAworks learning centre in Oxford. Here we focus on integrating experiential learning with a co-creative approach and an emergent curriculum with a systemic perspective in each of the TA strands we offer for coaches, consultants, facilitators, trainers, counsellors, leaders, managers, professionals working with people, and also for the specialist development for TA trainers and supervisors, both online and in live workshops.

Thorsten Geck leads the Organisational strand at TAworks. “Our boutique training centre represents what is important and is proven effective TA: emphasising a systemic perspective; highlighting emergent design; and a stance towards others based on open communication and Ok-ness. This approach empowers my experience in working with a variety of organisations in the 21st century.”

Sian Ponting CTA-E trained in TA Counselling at TAworks first and is considering another CTA whilst waiting to become a PTSTA. “I treasure the systemic perspective used at TAworks where full considerations of the different fields of TA provides both depth and breadth of knowledge into practice. TAworks has a global community of trainees and trainers which makes for a unique learning experience. I spent most of her working life as an educator in one way or another - first in youth and community work and now teaching Higher Education in the UK. I am looking forward to contributing to the People practitioner and Education strands, learning alongside participants and supporting their development and learning. I passionately believe TA training should be inspiring, enjoyable and challenging, & want to develop a social justice curriculum.”

James Longwell CTA-O recently joined the TAworks staff team assisting on the Foundation and the Organisational programme. “I studied Systemic Transactional Analysis at TAWorks & experienced multiple benefits professionally and personally – many of them transformational. I am delighted now that I obtained my CTA in Organisational TA to join the training team to support others in their learning journeys.”

Alex Piotrowska is a TSTA in Psychotherapy and in Counselling and is the lead of the People Practitioner programme (which leads to CTA Counselling). “I chose to be a trainer with TAworks because it is a niche TA training centre, focussing on contemporary TA and drawing on different strands from different fields ensuring a deep understanding of the context of an individual or a group within a cultural framework. The intercultural aspects of TAworks are very close to my experiences as a Polish person living in London.”