organisational applications of transactional analysis

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As a transactional analyst, Bernd Schmid won the Eric Berne Memorial Award for his work on roles. He has also combined his deep theoretical base in systemic understandings to develop many other concepts for consultancy and coaching — see his WEBSITE  in English.

Most of Bernd Schmid's work has been carried out in Germany. Now in his 60s, he wishes to disseminate his ways of working along with his theoretical thinking.

He has agreed to provide a rare workshop — the first in the UK — for 12 transactional analysts.

The workshop will be videoed so that all participants can have a dvd reference to the workshop itself along with his writings. A free website will be developed for ongoing discussion amongst practitioners as a result.


This workshop is open to transactional analysts, 12 at most.


Please use our Booking form, including details of your TA training to date

The workshop costs £475 


'The Workshop', in central Oxford.