into and out of the woods

5+6 of March 2011

Once there was, and once there was not, people gathered around a fire telling stories...

Indeed, it is said, that story-making is what distinguishes humans from other animals. And that in the days when we were hunting and gathering people, we organised our lives so that 'work' only took an hour or two — and the rest of the time we told tales. Many societies still do so — now we rely on movies and tv as sources, along with gossip around the water-cooler!

The purpose of this weekend is to explore what lies beneath story-making, in order to illuminate contemporary ideas about 'scripts', and so develop the basis for which you might explore individual or systemic scripts in counselling, coaching, consultancy or psychotherapy.

We will use several sources to aid our adventure:

To book on this weekend, for 12 at most, at the Workshop in central Oxford, please register by email, then fill in our Booking form, print and post it, along with a cheque for £195 payable to TAworks.