TA and Family Constellations

With Theo van der Heijden (PTSTA Counselling)

Sunday 26th June 2011, 9.30—4.45

This is a unique opportunity to bring your own issues to a family constellation, or to be an active participant, with a transactional analysis trainer who himself trained with Burt Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations practice.

Hellinger trained in transactional analysis in Germany, and notions such as ‘hot potato’ scripting, imago and Berne's thinking about systems are evident in this exceptionally powerful way of working.

This workshop is for people who have some knowledge of TA and exploration of the theoretical connections will form part of the proceedings.

Theo van der Heijden (PTSTA Counselling) began TA training in the mid 1970s, and is about to take his TSTA exam. He is a psychologist with a psychotherapy and counselling practice in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

He says this about the notions underpinning Family Constellations work:
When there is a shortage in some way in the family system then children will give their soul to rescue the family system. There is enormous pressure on children to do so because they love their parents and grandparents. The impact on the child may then be an obligation to take a certain profession, or make a certain type of marriage, or to care for their parents, or take on some more unconscious role which will in some way ‘rescue’ the system.

There are places for 4, possibly five, ‘issue holders’ — that is individuals who would each like to explore some issue in their family heritage. The impact of this sort of work is to non-consciously identify in order to process and resolve what might be unanswered questions, or psychological legacy, from previous generations.

There are places for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 others — whose role is to be available to participate in the re-creation of the issue-holder's family system, with the direction and support of Theo. Many find that this work often parallels in some way a role they play in their own system.

Allocation is on a first-come basis. Please print out and post our special workshop booking form.

Note that times and fees are as for 2010 – more details to follow.

Issue holder £100
Participant £80