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Summer School: development for facilitators and trainers

Each year TA Works offers a Summer School with a professional application.

The 2018 Summer School will be held on 23-28 June in order to provide an opportunity for travellers to then go on to the EATA Exams and Conference the following week.

The theme for the six days is “I, you, we — interculturally” which will not only provide a TA lens on how ‘global’ has become a negative phrase, but also, importantly, will present a variety of ideas about the psychological impact of living, travelling, working, and even being examined, in and across cultures; picking up, not only on TA theories, but also on a range of recent writings from intercultural studies.

This is limited to 12 places and is a ‘must’ for anyone working with people from other cultures, married or partnered across different heritages, or grew up in another culture or with several languages, or who lives in a country other than their origins. These ideas can inform strategies for inclusion, and support parents, leaders and travellers.

Cost for the 6 days will be £1100 (full)

And this is an invitation for one of the 8 remaining places on a three day intensive Oxford programme of emergent learning and supervision of your work, facilitated by Rosemary Napper (TSTA O, E, C) and also Sylvia Schachner (PTSTA E). This invitation is only for those who have completed TA training and may want to oil their TA into practice muscles! It is an opportunity for serious fun!

The programme takes place at the workshop at 13 York Place, Oxford OX4 IYL The cost is £400 payable in cash sterling or euro equivalent, or by bank transfer or cheque.

You will receive a certificate of advanced TA learning for 24 hours

Once we have established who is coming then we will ask you if there is particular TA theory you would like to focus on?
We will also ask you if you wish to take supervision - and if so in relation to what professional roles?
And coming fresh from the EATA conference we may have gems to add in to our work together too!

And we will suggest some joint dinners and walks and perhaps messing about on the river in the lateEnglish evening - weather permitting!

For the next month Rosemary will be available from time to time on Whatsapp on +7887780525. Places are allocated on first come first served basis.

This is our sixth year of Summer School — and to date they have been profound, enjoyable and stretching learning occasions with an eclectic and international mix of TA people!

Please do join us: cost will be £400.

For more information, contact Rosemary.Napper@TAmatters.com quoting this site.
Until mid-April Rosemary will only be available from time to time on Whatsapp, +7887780525.
Places will have to be allocated on first-come, first-served basis.